Volunteer for Us

Contribute your time and talents to those who need it most! Here at RBI, you may choose between a wide range of programs and activities to volunteer for!

Call us at (02) 726-3021 to 24 or email us with the subject:
“Volunteering at RBI” and send to volunteer@blind.org.ph along with your Resume.
We will schedule an appointment at the RBI Main Office in Cubao, Quezon City.
Come to our office, fill out all necessary forms and you will be briefly oriented on the Department where you wish to put your efforts in.
You may volunteer according to your schedule and begin your journey with us a few days after your orientation.

Sponsor a Child

It is a right for every child to receive proper education, even the visually impaired; but for some, going to school is still a dream.

Due to lack of financial resources, some families cannot send their children to school, hindering the intellectual potential of the child to grow and learn. We, at Resources for the Blind, Inc. are looking for sponsors to help them go to school, live a normal life, and reach their dreams.

RBI believes that by helping these children with visual impairment go to school, their life vision will surely turn into reality someday.

Sponsor a child today! Here at RBI, there are a lot of children with big potential who need your help in making their dreams come true! As their sponsor, you may choose between sponsoring a child’s education, or for their eye operation or both!

Reach us at (02) 726-3021 to 24 to inquire how you can support a child.
We will invite you for an appointment with you at our offices or simply transact online. We would be more than delighted to have you!
Confirm a mode of payment with us, and know who your sponsored child will be!
Stay in touch with us and your child and expect regular updates every month from us!

Get an Internship

Come and gain first hand experience on how we work! Our medical professionals, teachers, and administrative staff are more than happy to share their knowledge and help you grow as you become a blessing yourself to our visually impaired brothers and sisters. This internship experience at RBI will be more than just a requirement, but a valuable life-changing experience for you.

Send us an email at info@blind.com.ph with the subject:
“Application for Internship” and attach your cover letter and resume.
Expect an email or a call within 1-3 working days.
We will invite you to come to the office and fill out our forms and submit other requirements.
Start your learning experience with us!

Be Our Partner

Come and partner with us! You may choose to collaborate with us for a program or activity, or support the organization and it’s thrust! With your help, the possibilities are endless!

Send us an email at info@blind.com.ph with your proposal and contact details.
We will be contacting after 1-3 working days to set an appointment with you.
Discuss plans and exchange ideas with us and make our partnership the best of of both worlds!