At RBI, Christian Growth has always been at the heart of its activities and programs. Our work does not stop at planting the seeds of the Christian faith but extends to the nurturing of what has been planted. This is why our Christian Growth program has remained an important priority despite the greater challenges of getting it funded compared to our other programs.

Since the beginning, RBI has always promoted the ministry of distributing Scriptures to as many people as we can reach. In our programs’ activities, we try to incorporate the sharing of the Word of God to encourage people with visual impairment. From producing the first Tagalog Bible in braille, RBI has gone a long way in advancing the Bible through adoption of the latest technological advancements. Now we can produce Bibles in different Filipino dialects like Cebuano and Hiligaynon and in formats other than braille, such as large print and digital.

To foster spiritual and social growth among elementary and high school students wit visual impairment, we hold the kids and teens camp every summer.Furthermore, our blind pastors continuously hold weekly Bible studies in schools where there are students with visual impairment. We are extremely gratified that some of these students enroll in Bible colleges after high school for further training to become ministry workers.

What can a blind pastor do?

As our commitment to Bible distribution, RBI’s blind pastors along with other blind pastor-friends from the Manila Blind Church joined the Bible Run organized by the Philippine Bible Society. This advocacy run is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness on the importance or Bible reading and to raise funds for the printing of Bibles to be distributed to underprivileged Filipinos.