In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) we produced 30 percent of the Braille textbooks needed nationwide. The remaining 70 percent was produced by DepEd using the Brailler machine loaned from RBI. We also addressed the dearth of braille reading material by publishing two braille magazines namely, Double Yum and Insight.

We also addressed the dearth of braille reading material by publishing two braille magazines namely, Double Yum and Insight. The former is a magazine for children containing testimonies, Bible stories, letters, tongue twisters, games and others. The Insight is a magazine for adults that contains various stories such as local and international news, technology-related stories, features, sports, poems, book excepts, testimonies, English lessons, and others. All of these are designed to help those with visual impairment to develop their knowledge and skills in various aspects of life.

We also produced a total of 94 new titles in digital audio books, which is better known as DAISY. Digital Accessible Information System stands for Digital Accessible for blind. It makes it possible for blind students to carry their textbooks and other reading material in their pockets.

Where do we get braille papers?

RBI has been importing Braille paper since it started producing materials in Braille twenty years ago. In 2012 we produced over one million pages of braille, all which had to be imported from overseas. Now, a local paper supplier has agreed to invest in a machine that will allow us to purchase braille paper locally.
















Accessible Media


Produced pages of additional Braille reading material for children and adults 

Produced new titles of audio books

Provided training and support for schools and other organizations in computerized Braille production

Increased the number of tactile graphics pages included in Braille textbooks and other publications

Target government and non-government organizations and business to provide accessible versions of their printed information.

Enrolled students in the distant learning Braille Literacy or Braille Transcribing courses.

Provide training and technical support to teachers and other organizations in DAISY production.

Provided technical support and training for DAISY production to other organizations.

Bookshare clients in the Philippines – Partnered with Bookshare to provide and expand the online library of books in the Philippines.

Clients, teachers and Librarians who attended Bookshare training.

Provide training in Assistive Technologies – NVDA / JAWS

Promotion of Marrakesh Treaty.